One of the conversations I’ve been having with a lot of people lately is about social media and how the things you need to do to get the reach you want are constantly changing.

They don’t keep raising the bar when it comes to the activities you need to complete to get gold stars from the algorithm. Each platform keeps moving. the. freaking. bar.

This is the topic of Episode 12 of my podcast, and if you’d like to listen to me talk this through instead, click here

On Instagram, it used to be that you would post pictures and captions, and maybe they could swipe and get more information. But now, in order to have success on Instagram, you have to do videos and reels and stories.

And I’m over it.

And the problem with this ever moving bar is, in order to achieve the things that make the algorithm work you have to spend more time on the platform.

You know what that means? That’s data that they use to sell.

So it’s just a reminder that you are the commodity.

I talk a lot about hopping off the hustle hamster wheel because here’s the lie we’ve been sold; 

You have to do everything. You have to be everywhere in order to be successful on social media.

You need to dance and point. You need to do reels and be on X (formerly Twitter) and Clubhouse, and it’s all a load of bull. 

Find the place that you like to hang out and spend time there. 

Spend time there building relationships.

Sure, you can do a story, and you could do reels and videos, but if it’s not reaching your ideal client, then it’s useless anyway.

So this is just a reminder that if you’re trying to play the algorithm game, that is always going to be a losing bet.

Sticking with the betting analogy, double down on relationships, double down on connecting and having communication with other people.

People are humans that want to connect with other humans!

One of the things I share sometimes is that every click is an invitation to connect. So the next time you’re on social media and you’re sharing something or you’re commenting about something, look at it as an opportunity to connect. 

And I’m done. I’m done with the algorithm.

I just want to be me. 

You know what makes that really easy? I don’t have to think about any math equation or Mark Zuckerberg or anything like that. I just get to show up and share. And it gives me an opportunity to connect with each one of you. 

If you have a takeaway from this blog post, I would love to hear it! Come connect with me on Facebook! That’s honestly my favorite place to play. It’s where my people are, and that’s where I want to be.