If you could see me right now, I am doing the most sarcastic air bunnies possible when talking about “results.”

This was episode 5 of my podcast – if you would rather listen, here you go!

There are some results that matter and others that may not be nearly as important.

Here is what results could look like.

  1. I looked at your website and what you share on Linkedin and knew you were the expert I needed to hire.
  2. I’ve been watching you on social media for awhile and know you are the right person for me to work with.
  3. There is a coworking space closer to my house, but when I looked at their social media – it was all about the space and location. When I looked at yours, it was all about community. So here I am.
  4. Looking at your google analytics and understanding that 1/3 of your web traffic comes from Linkedin.

Other numbers that people often pay attention to are

Reach, number of followers, number of likes, and engagement, etc. And, yes – those can be helpful, they don’t always give you the most reliable information.

Heck, your reach can go up and down based on the weather or who is playing in some sporting event.

Your numbers do always tell a story, but might not give you a complete picture of how you are doing. And, getting hung up on the numbers might keep you from staying consistent because it feels like it doesn’t matter.

It matters because you do – and you have work to do in the world that your ideal clients will want to know about.

Please keep sharing – even when it feels like you aren’t speaking to anyone.

There are some numbers more worth measuring because you have more control over them:

  • Subscribers and open rates on your emails. (I’m a whiz with subject lines myself!)
  • Number of conversations you are initiating on a weekly basis – whether that’s over zoom or in DM’s, texts, etc. Every one can be part of building a relationship.

You might also consider keeping an eye on your google analytics because those can help determine what content led someone to your website.

If reach is really important to you, one of the easiest ways to improve reach is be consistent in your posting. And that is going to look different for everyone. Post once a day for a few weeks, test times of day and then adjust accordingly. Or, pick only one or two platforms to spend your time on. It is better to focus on one or two and do them well than to spread yourself too thin and barely show up.

Either way just know it might take some time to notice a difference.