Selling with stories. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice over time.

This specific idea actually came to me in a dream.

In this dream, someone ran up to me and said – I need $50 thousand dollars. How much can you give me?

My response – 1. Tell me a story. 2. Make me care.

And, that’s what this podcast is about.

First, tell me a story.

It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out. It can be simple and still have impact.

Let me share an example.

If you are an insurance agent, you could say – When was the last time you reviewed your policies? If it’s been awhile, give us a call and we can chat about it. (Actually, that might be a good post) HA!

Or, you could say instead – This week we helped a family with a new teen driver. We increased their coverage and added an umbrella policy.

In the second example, there is no need to say – if you know someone, blah, blah, blah.

The second story gives your reader an opportunity to go through their mental rolodex and think about who they might know who is in that situation.

It is possible to share super short stories that can put your reader in the same boat – giving them to chance to think of someone going through the something similar.

Another simple way to share stories is using testimonial and recommendations from your customers and clients. They are actually telling a story for you and you can share them as a way to emphasize how you support your clients.

One of my favorite ways to share a story is to finish this sentence… This week we helped… fill in the end with your short story.

That was the Tell me a story.

That leads us to:

#2 Make me care.

And I don’t really think you can make someone care, but you can make them WANT TO care…and I can prove it…

In the arms of an angel… I usually do my best Sara McLachlan, sad puppy dog commercial impression here.

How can you get people to care?

  • Share YOUR story, tell me about why you do what you do.
  • Tell me interesting facts about your business.
  • Share something unexpected. (It doesn’t all have to be marketing-speak.)

If you are launching a business, you can share as you are getting started.

I did this when I opened my coworking space – posting photos along the process to build awareness and get people interested long before we opened.

What are some of the stories you can share that will get people to lean in?

Here is another really quick tip: You may not know right now what stories are going to land with your audience, or what is going to make them want to care. You might have to test a few ideas before you get to what really gets people to respond.

There are a few things I have seen that tend to work.

  1. Rants
  2. Sharing authentically
  3. Introducing yourself – this is an odd trend, but it seems to have impact that is unexpected – at least to me.

What is one action item you can take?

Maybe you can brainstorm some stories you can share, or spend a few moments to capture testimonials. Or maybe you need to ask some of your past clients FOR those testimonials or recommendations.

I would love to hear what you are taking away.

If you need help identifying some of your own stories, let’s talk!