My guess is many of you think marketing is a chore or just something more on your to do list.

My mission is to show you, prod you, and hopefully, even convince you, that it can really be much easier than you might be making it in your head.

I’m going to do that by sharing how to record, repurpose, reuse, and relax!

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I know I’m not the only over thinker around here. So the first point is to record. 

Now this isn’t actually about recording yourself when you talk about your business. Although, sometimes that can be useful. 

What I really mean is to take notes and capture the ideas you share. 

When you talk about yourself, whether you are introducing yourself at an event or having a get to know you conversation with someone, you are likely oozing expertise, and therefore content, as you are speaking. 

For many of you, it comes so easily I don’t think you even recognize that that’s what you’re doing. 

What might help you in these instances is having a general place to capture your ideas. 

I use Airtable myself, but you could be gathering information and ideas in a Word document or even on a voice recorder on your phone. 

What works best for you? 

Maybe it’s a brain dump where you just write everything down. Take it all down even when it’s messy, and you can expand and edit later. 

You are all content creating machines! I’m just not sure you’re all aware of that yet. 


Now let me be crystal clear about this one. If you do a Google search right now, there is actually a blog post about a 100 plus ways to repurpose your content. That is NOT what I am talking about at all. 

What I DO mean is taking a piece of content like a blog, a podcast, a workshop, etc., and using the content in multiple ways. 

You could easily turn 1 blog into 10 different graphics or posts on social media. This is about taking something you’ve already written or created and using it in different ways, just not a 100 ways. 100 ways sounds EXHAUSTING.

Another way to repurpose is to create templates for your graphics. There is no need to find a brand new picture and create a different graphic every time you want to make one. I use the same background images at times and put different words over the Image. 

I have about 10 background images that I use for all of the graphics I create for my business. That makes it easy. And over time, the added benefit is that it makes your content easier for your followers to recognize. 


There are certain topics, tips, and ideas in your business that remain the same over time. This is commonly referred to as evergreen content. It’s the same today as it will be 6 months from now, as it will be next year.

If you know every September something specific happens in your business or industry, there is no reason you can’t share the same content year after year. I promise you, no one is going to notice. 

We’re all competing for attention. Even if you use the same piece of content once today and once again in 3 months, no one’s going to notice. 

I reuse much of my content over time where the message and the motivation is the same. It all builds awareness and shows expertise over time. 


Relax. Take a deep breath.

Many people I talk to make this way harder than it actually has to be. 

Like I said, take a breath. 

Post something. One bonus tip. Done is better than perfect. 

In fact, there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to creating content. Sometimes the best posts are the ones that come from the heart and a willingness to connect with your audience. 


There you have it. Record, Repurpose, Reuse, and Relax.

What is one action item you can take from what you’ve just read? Is there one of those Rs that you can focus on to bring more ease to your marketing? I can’t wait to hear from you.