Once you have created your community it is important to nurture your community. Nurturing your community is the topic of Episode 9 of my podcast. Pop in your earbuds and take a listen if that works better for you!

If you haven’t read the blog post called Creating Your Community, be sure to read that one first, or none of this will make much sense. 

You have your list. So now what? 

Do you enjoy doing research? Because that’s what nurturing your community is all about. I’m a little excited about that because this is where you do some information gathering. 

Your list of champions or potential champions might have ten people on it, it might have fifty people on it, but I PROMISE you, It will be way easier to have a plan and strategy for keeping in touch with that list than to try to commit to keeping in touch with ALL of your contacts. 

Honestly, that sounds exhausting. 

But building relationships doesn’t happen by accident.

So you’ve identified who these people are. Let’s gather some information. 

I don’t know what works best for you for information gathering. It could be

-simple pen and paper

-Google contacts

-Your CRM that you use 

I’m not saying gather all this information at one time, because that could be really overwhelming. 

This is really about paying attention and listening to those champions and advocates as they share about themselves on social media. 

So what kind of information do you wanna gather? 

You want to gather some personal information about them. 

Like, what’s their mailing address? 

This is one of my favorite things to do! I go into a Facebook connection or a LinkedIn connections page, and I send them a message.

I say, “Hey. I’m updating my database.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? “I’m hoping you can give me your snail mail address.”

Now the reason I say snail mail is nine times out of 10, if I just ask them for their address, they give me their email. 

Really, this is about impact. It’s easy to connect with someone by sending them an email or sending them a text message. 

It just takes a little bit more effort to send something in the mail. And because most people don’t get anything personal in the mail anymore, it’s just a way to stand out.

So grab their mailing address. 

Find out what days are important to them. 

  • When’s their birthday? 
  • Maybe it’s their business anniversary or when is their wedding anniversary if they have one?
  • What are their partners’ names, their spouses’ names, their childrens’ names, their pets’ names? 

And I know that all of this might seem a little tedious, and it might seem like a lot of effort to gather, but it really makes a difference to these champions or potential champions in your life when you remember small details about them. 

One thing that’s really important to me is when somebody remembers that I’m gluten and dairy free because they bring me a treat that I can actually eat. 

So just think about the things that you remember about someone that might make them feel special that you remember. 

I have a friend, some of you might know her, her name is Jessica Butts. For some (I have no idea what) reason, it is stuck in my brain that she likes Twix. 

Now why is that some random memory that I’ve never even written down? 

I don’t know. But if I know I’m gonna see her, I might decide to bring her a Twix.

But think about what is their favorite treat or candy or movie? Things like that. 

Also think about what’s the best way to contact them?

This one’s really important because this is not about you

It’s about them

So we all know the golden rule, do unto others, but it’s really about the platinum rule. And that is, do unto others the way they would like to have done to them

So if they don’t want a text message, don’t text them.

If they don’t ever answer their phone, because, I don’t know, maybe they’re 25 and they would rather you text, then text them.

These are all things that are really important, but it’s also a way that you can stand out

I know this is a lot to consider, but when you do remember small details about people, it speaks volumes of care to them, and it can allow you to thank someone personally. 

When you have some of this information, it’s easier to say thank you in a way that’s not only memorable, but it’s unforgettable

I live in the Seattle area, so a simple thank you tends to include a Starbucks gift card. It’s nice and can be easily forgotten. As a note, I love a good Starbucks card, but thinking of gifts beyond a coffee card is a really easy way to surprise and delight. 

A little kindness can go a long way, especially when so many people are doing the bare minimum just to get by. 

So what is one action item you can take? I know I gave you a lot of options today, but 

I would love to hear a takeaway. 

What might you shift in the way you listen to other people? How might you engage with your champions in the coming weeks?

Please come on over to Facebook or Instagram and let me know.