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brilliant you are?

Let’s get your ideal clients to take action!

Who you are:

A business owner who loses sleep because you don’t have it all figured out. You’re open to being coached and learning a new skill. You have a remarkable vision that, if executed will change the world. You might have people all around you telling you how AMAZING you are, but aren’t necessarily hiring you for your brilliance.

What you want:

Advice and support from a lifelong community creator and expert in marketing tactics to show you how to do the same. This will allow YOU to resonate with your ideal clients in a meaningful and effective way. How to spot a great connection and how to nurture the relationship into a profitable one.

Who I am:

A marketing expert with a generous, compassionate approach to business with a heart for business owners aiming to make an impact.

Business Connections

I do it for you!

Monthly Content Creation (and posting)

Imagine what it will be like having consistent messaging posted on YOUR social media platforms every month in your voice designed to get engagement, create conversation and drive more sales. That sure sound like joy and ease.

My brilliance is in gathering and distilling stories to share, creating content that gets engagement, and crafting asks that get your audience to respond – based on your goals and in YOUR voice!

Let’s make this as simple as possible.

  • We have periodic zoom calls to capture stories, content ideas, etc.

Then, I provide:

  • Content strategy and planning
  • Content creation (writing) and posting
  • 3-5 posts per week on your platforms of choice

Easy peasy.

Only $950 per month (6-month commitment)

Ready to see what marketing your business with joy and ease could be like?

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You do it with me!

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During our time together, we will:

  • Identify your content buckets and strategy
  • Capture and create stories that will drive engagement
  • Catalog your current content and create a repurposing action plan
  • Discover ways to simplify so you spend less time
  • Or anything else you need!!

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Content Creation

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