Is your social media working for you? How do you even know? Right? You’re posting in all the places. How do you even know? That’s what Episode 24 of my podcast is about.

So first, let’s start with how do you know it’s not? So it’s actually easier to know if your social media isn’t working. There’s a lot better cues for being able to measure that. 



  • People don’t know what you do for work. Or if you see them after you’ve haven’t seen them for a while, and they ask about a job you had 10 years ago. So It may not be working if people don’t know what you do for your job. 
  • People give you bad referrals, or, worse yet, no referrals at all. If you are an event photographer and all of a sudden you are getting referrals for taking pictures of dogs, you might be missing the mark on your messaging. 
  • You post in too many places to even know it’s working. Oh, I see so many people doing this where they’re just creating all the content and putting it out there and never taking the time to look to see if it’s working.

    And worse yet is not knowing which platforms are working. I mean, the easiest thing to check is Google Analytics. If I know that 33% of my web clicks come from LinkedIn, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna amp up my LinkedIn. 


Ok, this one is not nearly as succinct. I can’t point at one number or one specific KPI that says that’s why your social media is working.

If you haven’t read the blog titled, Are you getting results from your social media marketing efforts? I invite you to read it! It’s about what you measure matters because that’s a really great way to help you tell if it’s working.


  • People tell you what they’ve been seeing in your posts when they see you in real life. Okay. That’s one very serious way to know that it’s working.  
  • Your lists grow. Your email list grows. Your YouTube subscribers go up. Your engagement and your followers go up. Posting consistently, Relevant content is honestly the way to make all those things happen.  
  • Your phone is gonna ring more with right-fit clients. (I guess that’s another way to know it’s not working is if you get a whole bunch of people calling you or reaching out to you that aren’t a good fit). But the last way to tell is that the number of people who are calling and reaching out to you increases.

    People who call, okay. I know. Some of you don’t call. That’s fine. You might get another email from someone or, for the love of god, you might get a text message or an IG DM. But more people are reaching out to you to find out about, 1, the work you do, or 2, if they can work with you, and 3, how they can work with you. 

So is your social media working for you? It depends. Right?  

I feel like, “It depends,” is always the answer, but I gave you some ideas for how to tell if it’s not working and a few to tell if it is.

If you would like another set of eyeballs on your content, I could do that all day long! I’m happy to give you a few minutes of my time to share some ideas for how to increase your engagement and reach, etcetera.  

So you know what we do here. What is one action item you can take from today?  

And if I could suggest an action item if you’ve never done this before, go look at your insights. Take a screen grab of what your “results” look like today.  

What is your reach? How many email followers or email list subscribers do you have? That is a really good starting point. Look at your insights. Look at your analytics, and maybe make some adjustments as a result.  

I look forward to hearing from you always. Thank you so much to the people who reach out, whether it’s an email, a direct message, or a text message. It really, really means the world to me. 

Looking for me on LinkedIn? It’s Tracey with an e. So it’s t r a c e y, last name Warren. I would love to connect with you there. And I can’t wait to hear from you. So keep in touch.