How do I execute effective planning and posting on social media?

This is the question I get asked more than any other.

Let me start by saying I am not an advocate for having an account and actively posting on every platform. First, each has different demographics, tactics, and strategies to make it most effective. Second, from what I’ve seen, business owners sometimes jump from one platform to the next to try to figure out which one “works” when what they really need is more effective messaging. If you are looking for messaging support, check this out!

While there are third-party posting apps that allow you to post one message to multiple locations there are several reasons why those might not be the best solution.

  1. Because of the third-party nature your posts specifically on Facebook may not be as visible as those directly posted ON the platform itself.
  2. There are certain ways to make each site more successful. Hashtags or no hashtags, sharing from external sources, etc.  In addition, there are language differences. For example, when sharing on Instagram, someone might post “click on link in bio” or other action steps that are IG specific. When those posts are duplicated to Facebook, that does not make sense.
  3. Users are much savvier and are more aware of when you are simply broadcasting, and they do not like it.


OK, great, but how does this help me?

Let me share exactly what I do to when it comes to posting on social media and making social most effective for me and my business.

These are the accounts I manage listed in the order of time dedicated to each on a daily/weekly basis.

  • Two Facebook Business Pages
  • Two Facebook Groups
  • One Linkedin Profile (with two business pages)
  • Two Instagram Profiles
  • Two Twitter Accounts (Quick update: After writing this, I decided to delete one Twitter account – so liberating!)
  • One Pinterest Account 


Here is the PLAN! 

  1. First, I reuse and repurpose content. This is likely the biggest time saver for me. If I post long form content like a blog or video – I can break that down into smaller pieces, etc. This idea really needs its own blog post.
  2. I use Buffer ( –  a third party posting platform – for daily posting to Linkedin and each Twitter account. It is similar content, but I use hashtags for tweets, and do not for Linkedin.   I pay for this service because of the added benefits. It is $15 per month or $144 if you pay for a year. There is a free version as well.
  3. Also, I post to my Facebook Business Pages daily and schedule posts natively directly to FB a week or more in advance. Themes are helpful, but not necessary. This is where the reuse option comes in most helpful. Think about a magazine like Vogue. When they are brainstorming content for their January issue – do you think they are wondering what to include? NO – they basically create the same magazine every January. (Think resolutions, diet ideas, fashion, romance, etc.)
  4. For my two Facebook groups, I have daily themes and have rotating monthly calendars. This has been a game changer for me!
  5. I log in to Instagram daily to post, respond to comments, reply to DM’s and follow people back. (I also block creeper accounts.)
  6. Then, I post to my Linkedin Business profile once or twice a week.
  7. Lastly, I post multiple items to Pinterest about once per week. Pinterest does allow you to schedule posts, but that is not something I have personally tested.

Another important note, I use a Virtual Assistant that helps me with the Buffer content and pre-scheduling Facebook Group content. Ideally, they could also be scheduling my Facebook Business Page content as well.


How much time do I spend?

I dedicate time every day to respond to comments in Facebook groups and on Business Pages. I also regularly visit Linkedin to respond to connection requests, comment, and reply to messages. So, all in, I spend less than 5 hours per week.

As I mentioned before, just because you have a business does not mean you have to have pages on every platform.

I believe a Facebook Business Page and a LinkedIn profile are the most important places to start when it comes to posting on social media. Once you have a clear message, a plan for not only posting, AND measuring effectiveness, then consider adding another platform based on your desired audience.

Honestly, if you had 200 pieces of core content, you would have enough to talk about on social media for a year. Most people need help, just like me. That’s what I’m here for.

Would you like support to help you create that content and put a strategy in place? Let’s chat about what’s possible!

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