One of the ways you can bring more ease and joy into your sharing on social media is to create content you can automate. Automation makes things easier!

This was Episode 16 of my podcast. If you would rather listen, here you go!

But first, a quick note about automation. 

Just be aware that sometimes scheduling can hinder you when you are using 3rd party posting tools. Most of these tools can be blocked on Facebook specifically and can therefore reach less of an audience from the start.That isn’t always the case, so test and see for yourself. 

Another challenge when automating is when some sort of disaster strikes. So awareness is key. 

Knowing you have things scheduled is important so you can delete or pause your content in these situations.

My opinions and expertise are around creating content that gets engagement. When bad things happen, sure, you can keep scheduled stuff going, you can keep your ads running, but engagement will be absent and you will be wasting effort and sometimes money

Now, you might be thinking, “what kind of content can I automate?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Here’s a list of ideas for you to try. Depending on your business, some might work better than others.

Ideas for Automated Content:

  1. Recommendations and reviews

– For many of you in your business, you have multiples of these that you can use, and you can just schedule them on a regular rotation. They allow you to tell or emphasize a story about what it’s like to work with you in someone else’s words.

– Make it extra easy on yourself by creating your own Testimonial Tuesday.

2. Daily Hashtag or Daily Alliteration

– Motivation Monday

– Tip Tuesday (Or Testimonial Tuesday)

– Wisdom Wednesday

– Throwback Thursday

– Fun Friday 

You get the idea! If you know you are going to do a tip every Tuesday, you can brainstorm a list and then schedule it out as far as you would like with those tips. 

  1. Your Latest Published Work

– Blogs

– Podcasts

– Podcast Guesting

– Books

Funny thing about these things; One thing that proves true over and over is when I share about my book, people buy it! If I don’t say anything, they don’t. Remarkable, right?

  1. Asks

– Join your list (Include why they would want to do that!)

– Share your freebie

– Share your quiz

– Encourage people to visit your website

– Encourage them to schedule a call with you

– Let people know what you’re offering (ASK FOR THE SALE)

This is one of the areas I often see overlooked when it comes to creating content. One of the most important ones is to ask for the sale, letting people know what you are offering. This is one that I see missed all of the time. 

So based on what you’ve just read, what is one action item you can take? What is one kind of content you are committed to sharing every week? Maybe even automating? 

I look forward to hearing from you. Come on over to Facebook or LinkedIn and let me know what you have to share!

If you’re looking for a little more DIY type help to maximize your engagement and grow your community, I invite you to check out my book. Ironically, it’s also called Ignite Your Champions, and you can find it on most online book selling platforms.