What if you looked at all of your marketing as an experiment?

Stick with me here for a minute because there is really no such thing as a perfect anything. Want me to talk you through what you’re about to read? Click here.

There’s no perfect post on social media.

There’s no perfect email that’s going to get thousands of people flocking to your door.

Same thing for a blog post.

It just doesn’t exist.

I don’t tell you this to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to try new things.

I will say though, making your messaging and stories consistent and simple can create a win-win-win.

What do you mean by that, Tracey?” Well, let me tell you.

Often people talk about way too many things, whether that’s on social media, at in person networking events, or the like. And when they do, it makes it really challenging for other people to talk about them.

I wanna make it as easy as possible for people to say, “If you need to hire someone for _______, this is the exact person you need to know!”

I do this exercise with what I call content buckets.

I invite everyone to have 5 or 6 buckets.

– 1 must be sales and promotion. (We don’t have a business unless we’re actually selling something!)
– 1 could be events or testimonials.
– 3 or 4 of them should be content related.

So we’re gonna do another exercise together.

With your paper and pen, which I’m sure you have in front of you somewhere, set a timer for 5 minutes.

What you’re going to write down in those 5 minutes is everything that you could talk about that has to do with your business.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself.

– What do you wanna be known for?
– What are you an expert at?
– What do you do better than anyone?

Now, start your timer and … GO!

Okay. Did you do it? How was that? Were you surprised by how many things you were able to write down?

We’re gonna take this exercise one step further, and I would invite you to set a timer for 3 minutes.

Now in these 3 minutes, I want you to take some of those topics and group them together so that they are in buckets of “like” content.

This is where the win-win-win comes in.

When you can dial down your content buckets into 3 or 4 areas of expertise,

1. It makes your marketing easier. If you know exactly what you’re talking about it’s easier to plan it out. It’s easier to know what fits and better, what doesn’t fit.
2. It makes it easy to talk about you. If I can say exactly what you do, I am more apt to continue to talk about you.
3. The other win is it will allow you to receive better referrals because it’s obvious. Oh, you need someone who does this? I know exactly who to send you to!

Please, please, please do this exercise!

It will make all the difference in the world for you. As you plan out your content, as you ask for what kind of referrals you need, and as you continue to grow your business, you’ll be building your community.

It’s a whole new kind of bucket list, right?

PLEASE do this exercise. I promise it will make things easier as you move forward.

Until next time, here’s to you creating a community that follows you wherever you go.