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“Build Your Business by Creating Connection and Community.”

— Tracey Warren

Ignite Your Champions:

Build Your Business by Creating Connection and Community

Ignite Your Champions book

Do you know you need to market your business to be successful, but you’ve tried everything and haven’t seen the results you expected or were hoping for?

Have you been taking a “do all the things” approach that has left you uninspired, exhausted, and feeling like a failure?
Ignite Your Champions is your solution. It contains a simple four-step framework to build a community using social media, online marketing and in-person relationships. In workbook format, this book is full of practical ways to use social media, with explanations and examples of how to do it. It will be a reference you turn to again and again to help you maximize your time and strategically plan your success.

You’ll discover strategies for identifying and nurturing your squad, ideas for bringing easy and joy into your marketing activities and exactly how to build out your content calendar in ways that are simple and sustainable.


What readers are saying

Nicole Lux-Ritchie

CEO of Luxcentric

This book is about building the relationships we need, as humans, to thrive. Even though it is directed at primarily business owners, it is so real and honest about actually connecting with individual people online.

Tracey lists tons of ideas about the fun things she and her people have implemented online to generate engagement that everyone can enjoy. She offers great tips on how to mix sharing about business with providing value to potential customers and fans.

This book is definitely a resource I will use when I think through my plans for informing and caring for my people.

Kelly Smith

Founder of Willow & Oak Business Solutions

Tracey is a champion of women business owners and those ready to make a difference in the world.

This book is a gift to anyone interested in learning how to build a network, grow an audience, or feel more confidence in what they have to bring to the table. It’s full of encouragement, but it’s also full of practical and actionable marketing steps to take to move your business forward.

Tracey helps honest, hard working business owners become successful and empowered.”

Dawn Anderson

Creative Director of Tiny Stars Creative

I work with small business owners that are just starting out. Many times they join everything, sign up for everything, post on every social media site only to become frustrated.

They’re not getting the results they are expecting. The reality is people don’t like being sold to, they want real relationships.

In her book, Tracey Warren explains how to build your business by building your community in an easy to understand manner. She explains how building your community will save you time and money while experiencing better results.”

Downloadable Forms

Champions Intake Form

Fill in this form so we could get to know all about you and the champions you look up to!


Champions and Advocates Form

A more in-depth version of the champions intake form. This let’s us ensure that we completely understand your wants and needs. 


Social Media Check In Form

Fill in this form to input your champion’s social media pages, blog information, and email newsletter. 


Social Media

Content Bucket

Plan out the categories your content will fall under by using visual content buckets.

A few examples include educational, topical, and brand-related topics!


Ignite Your Champions Bingo

The Ignite Your Champions Bingo can help you brainstorm in all the ways you can support your champions.

All in a fun way!