So how many of you have ever had a call with someone, or you’re at a networking event, and somebody says, how can I help you In your business right now, and you say, uuuh? 

Well, now you’re gonna have an answer to that question. This is what we cover in Episode 22 of my podcast. 

I hear so many people sharing their frustration with social media and decreased reach in general. “I have to pay in order to get anybody to see it.” 

Okay. First of all, If you haven’t heard me say this yet, that’s a load of bull, and I’m gonna keep talking about ways to increase those numbers. 

But the frustration is, what do you mean only 12 people saw that post? Can you relate? 

I have a solution you might wanna try before throwing in the towel or before you opt to pay for any promotion. 

When you work toward creating a community in your social media space and in life, what that generally means is you end up with a built in group of people who already appreciate you and your business.

You can activate these people to your advantage, especially when they’re offering to help. 

But If they’re not offering, sometimes it’s as simple as asking. 

So here’s the idea. If you have a special event coming up, a great new blog post, a special you are offering, or I don’t know, maybe you put out a new podcast, here’s the idea: 

Hold on to your hats. 

Ask your champions to share it.

I know. Mind blowing. Right? 

If you are talking to someone at a networking event or on a Zoom call, you can just direct them to where you posted the thing you would like them to share. 

If you’re actually online, you can send a private message to, I don’t know, 5 of your champions. And ask them to share, (in a private or direct message of course). 

Make it as easy as possible for people to pass information along, and they likely will send the link to the original post. That allows them to click directly on it to comment and share. 

Here’s why this works: 

  1. It’s free!
  2. It doesn’t take very much time for someone to share.
  3. If they are your champions and advocates and you’ve already been making deposits into their emotional bank accounts, they will do it.
  4. They will likely be sharing with your ideal client and customer.
  5. When they share, it will often come with a testimonial, which makes it super powerful.

And the other thing is, sharing is contagious! 

You might ask 5 people to share, but in the end, many more people might share it. I have seen this in action over and over. 

Chances are this approach will get your specific post more reach than a boosted or sponsored post anyway. Better reach without spending money seems like another win-win. 

And look. If you are part of an organization or nonprofit, ask your board, your employees, or volunteers to share. 

If you’re in a networking group, sharing each other’s content is the easiest way to support your fellow members. 

Please please please try this. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

So I normally ask you, what is one action you can take? But this week, here’s the specific action item I would invite you to take: What is one piece of content you would like to get more people to see? Maybe you have an offer going out right now that you want more people to know about.

Ask 5 of your champions to comment on the post and share it, and I cannot wait to hear your results. In fact, ask me to share it. I am happy to do that!

And please report back about what a difference it made for your organic reach. 

If you’re looking for a little more help and information, I would love for you to check out my book, Ignite Your Champions. You can find it online on most bookselling platforms. 

I would love part of this to be normalizing the idea of asking for help because it really can create a win-win. Not just for you, the asker, but for the person you are asking, and that’s all part of the community.