I was speaking at an event this week, and a person in the audience asked me a question. She has recently heard another social media “expert” and their advice was to only use their personal page to talk about their business. Yikes.

If you would prefer to listen to me talk about this topic, you can listen to the podcast episode here.


My response was that sure, you could do that AND that could mean having your profile removed for violating the Terms of Service. In an instance like that, there is no recourse and your page would be gone.


I have seen and heard a lot of “shoulds” from lots of different experts and influencers over the years. They might look and sound like this:

  • You should have a profile on every platform.
  • You should use your personal page for sharing about your business. (or you don’t need a business page.)
  • You should do this or that on fill-in-the-blank platform.
  • You should use 30 hashtags for more visibility.

You might have one or two you’ve heard that you could easily add to this list.

These all make me want to cringe for any number of reasons but the biggest one is there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing plan for any of you. What works for my audience might not work for yours.

I’m a huge proponent of experimentation.

Test, measure, adjust, and test again.

Only through testing can you get a better idea of what works for you and what might not. And, this comes with a little warning. What works today, might not work in 6 months as the platforms and algorithms are ever changing. When I started my first social media marketing company, the standard was posting 14-21 times per week. WOW! Now, I recommend 3-5.

I hope you aren’t getting should on. And, if you have questions about how to maximize your results on social media (in minimal time) with joy and ease, let’s chat!